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How can I stop my rabbit from chewing cords?

Why does my bunny Eddie chew through cords? How can I get him to stop?

Chewing is a natural behaviour for rabbits. In fact, it’s essential for them to help keep their continuously growing incisors and molars short. Cords for our electronics look a lot like branches or tree roots, and a curious bunny will naturally want to explore this and see if it’s food the best way they know how – by chewing them. Rabbits also chew materials to create a nest or environment, so this could also be a reason for Eddie’s chewing.

The best way to stop your cords being chewed and to protect your rabbit from the risk of electrocution is to thoroughly rabbit-proof them. Use cord covers, invest in plastic tubing that goes over the cords, and – even better – move the cords completely out of reach of a curious bunny. It’s important for your rabbits to have access to appropriate things they can chew, so make sure you give Eddie lots of hay and blocks that he can nibble on.

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