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  • Keeping your goats healthy
    Healthy goats have good appetites, glossy coats, clear, bright eyes, and are interested in everything around them.
  • Ask a vet
    Ask a Vet
    Sometimes it's best to know what to look out for when it comes to the health of our furry animal friends. Some of our supporters have sent in questions regarding their pets and vet, Dr. Sarah Zito, has taken the time to sit down and answer them.
  • Debunking rooster myths
    Across New Zealand, roosters often find themselves stigmatised for their distinct crow and overlooked in favour of their egg-producing female counterparts, hens.
  • Keep animals safe around fireworks
    While most people enjoy the fireworks festivities, unfortunately many pets become highly distressed by fireworks.
  • Keep animals safe at Halloween
    Happy Halloween animal lovers! Please remember that today can be a little too scary for animals – here are our best pet safety tips.
  • Animals in emergencies
    Recent natural disasters both here in New Zealand and around the world have shown that we all need a plan for emergency or disaster situations.
  • What does “free range” mean in eggs?
    Consumers buy certain brands of eggs for a variety of reasons, including price, brand loyalty, taste and quality, as well as for ethical reasons.
  • Feeding goats
    Goats are herbivores, but they differ from sheep and cattle that only eat grasses, as goat are browsers.
  • Handling goats and goat behaviour
    It is best to get your goat used to being handled from a young age, so that future visits from the veterinarian or other human contact is not stressful.
  • Shade and shelter for farmed and lifestyle block animals
    All animals should live in an appropriate environment. The conditions and surroundings given to an animal contribute to its overall well-being, both behavioural and physiological.
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