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  • Is a cat the right companion animal for you?
    Cats can make delightful pets, but before you decide to take on this new responsibility, please look into and consider carefully the needs of cats and remember that these animals will rely on you to meet their needs every day of the year.
  • Tips on moving house with a cat
    Moving can be a stressful experience for both cats and owners. Here are some tips to make things easier.
  • Creating an enriching home environment for your cat
    Cats may be kept indoors, indoors and outdoors but confined to your property, or as indoor/outdoor cats that are allowed to roam beyond your property. There are pros and cons to each of these choices of environment for your cat.
  • What to feed your cat or kitten
    Cats need a premium food for energy, health and happiness. Cats at different stages in their life need different types of food. Here are some tips on what to feed.
  • Keeping your cat healthy
    Desexing, vaccinations, parasite treatment and regular vet visits all play their part in keeping your cat or kitten healthy.
  • Understanding your cat's behaviour
    Cats cannot be physically forced or manipulated to do what you want and they do not respond to punishment. Here are some tips on teaching your cat without punishment.
  • How to safely handle your cat
    Cat respond best to gentle and respectful handling techniques.
  • Preparing for your new cat
    Once you have decided that you are going to bring a cat into your life (after some research and careful thinking about whether a cat is right for you and how to look after a cat), it is important that you make some preparations before getting your cat/kitten.
  • Bringing your new cat home
    Taking your new cat or kitten home is exciting, but there are a few things to consider for the best start.
  • Ask a behaviourist
    Why is my cat acting strange after being outside?
    My cat Toby came home really stressed out last night. He didn’t want to be touched, and sat alone in a dark room all night. He is much better this morning, but why was he acting like this?
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