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  • Implications of breeding goldfish
    Welfare implications of selective breeding in goldfish . It’s not just dogs that suffer when we selectively breed them for desired traits. Our fishy friends, including the bubble-eye goldfish, are suffering too.
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  • What do Fish Want? Environmental Enrichment for Companion Fish
    When looking out for the welfare of our pets, there are two key questions we need to ask ourselves: Are they healthy? And do they have what they want? As (sadly) we are not able to communicate with animals verbally, we need to carefully observe and understand their body language.
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  • Are Fish the Right Companion Animals for You?
    Fish can be fascinating pets! They are intelligent, delightful and charismatic animals. However, they are not an “easy” pet to care for. There are some key factors to consider before choosing to take on the responsibility of a fish.
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  • Caring for goldfish
    Goldfish (Carassius auratus) are an intelligent and friendly breed of ornamental fish. Their natural habitat are the cool streams, lakes and ponds throughout Asia. Goldfish have an average lifespan of 10-15 years, with some species living up to 30 years!
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  • SPCA Science Team
    Fish deserve 'Betta' than a Bowl
    There is a common misconception about the environmental needs of companion Bettas, which are often sold and housed in tiny tanks or vases, which poses serious welfare concerns.
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  • Caring for fish
    While fish are amazing pets, they are also a serious commitment. Fish are living beings with needs, wants, and feelings - just like you and I. They require a lot of time, money, love, and understanding – they are not low maintenance pets. It is your responsibility to keep your fish safe, happy, and healthy.
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  • Humane treatment of crayfish and crustaceans
    Crayfish, crabs, rock lobster and kōura are sentient animals, meaning they can feel pain and distress, and they are covered by New Zealand’s Animal Welfare Act 1999. If these animals are captured, handled, transported and killed for human consumption, it is critical that this is done so humanely.
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  • Debunking goldfish myths
    The humble goldfish tends to be misunderstood. They make great family pets, but they are plagued by myths that insult their intelligence, and individual personalities.
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