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Involve your company

Involve your company

Our generous business supporters don’t just provide financial support to SPCA – most importantly, they help raise awareness of our cause through brand alignment and by promoting our goals and key messages through their advertising, media and digital channels to their customers, suppliers and staff.

From partnerships to sponsorships, through to business volunteering, payroll giving and employee fundraising, there are great opportunities for you and your company to create a mutually beneficial partnership with SPCA.

Become an official National SPCA Partner

More and more New Zealand companies are recognising the importance of working with like-minded charities. Working with a charity can help motivate your staff and provide greater meaning and purpose in their lives. It can help shape the culture of your organisation and your teams.

At SPCA, we offer our partners the opportunity to connect with their customers and staff through a shared passion for animal welfare.

The SPCA Partnership programme is founded on shared values, communication and integration across the business to meet business and marketing objectives. Individual partnership plans are customised to meet the ongoing brand and business needs of both organisations, while at the same time maximising all opportunities to promote the aligned partnership

This is an opportunity to meet your corporate social responsibilities through working with a well-recognised organisation and brand, which helps builds customer loyalty and acquisition

Without the generous support of our National SPCA Partners, we simply could not help as many animals as we do.

If you would like to discuss an aligned partnership with SPCA, please contact Kelsea Nelson-Cummins, Partnerships Specialist by email sponsorship@spca.nz. or call 03 344 4774.

Become an official National SPCA Sponsor

SPCA runs a series of campaigns and fundraising events throughout the year to raise vital funds for New Zealand’s animals in need, including our annual Matched Giving day, called ‘Give To Get Them Home’ and ‘Treat Week’.

Different sponsorship packages are available depending on the desired level of involvement, from prizes to naming rights sponsorship for our major events. For more information on event and campaign sponsorship opportunities, please contact us on sponsorship@spca.nz or phone 03 344 4774.

Become a Business supporter

If your company would like to support New Zealand’s animals, a business donation is a great option, - if you would like to give a gift instead of Christmas gifts, or in celebration of a major organisation event or anniversary. All contributions are greatly appreciated and your donation is tax-deductible!

Once your gift is received you will receipt the official SPCA Business Supporter logo for the year.

Other ways to give

Fundraise with your staff and colleagues

Staff fundraising is great for boosting morale and team building. Your team or your business can help support SPCA by hosting a fundraising event at work or by entering a team into one of our SPCA events. For more information contact events@spca.nz.

Set up payroll giving

Payroll giving offers employees the opportunity to donate directly to SPCA.

Did you know that most employees can nominate to support their charity of choice and to have this deducted (pre-tax) directly from their salary? If the donation is more than $5, they receive a third of the donation as an immediate tax rebate.

To set up payroll giving at your workplace, or to find out if your company already participates in payroll giving please contact your Payroll Administrator who can email us at sponsorship@spca.nz.

General enquiries

General enquiries

Kelsea Nelson-Cummins - Partnership Specialist

You may have another idea you would like to share with SPCA. For all general enquiries please contact Kelsea Nelson-Cummins on sponsorship@spca.nz or call 03 344 4774.

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