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Animals in research, testing & teaching

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  • Transparency and Openness in Research, Testing, and Teaching
    In New Zealand, animals are used for research, testing, and teaching (RTT) for a variety of reasons. Animals may be used in experiments to find new health treatments for humans or other animals, to better understand wildlife behaviour such as migration routes, to test the safety of a new drug, or to facilitate learning outcomes for students.
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  • Replacement, Reduction, and Refinement: The '3Rs'
    The 3Rs are ethical principles used to advance the welfare of animals used in research, testing, and teaching.
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  • Animal Ethics Committees in New Zealand
    Under the Animal Welfare Act, use of animals in research, testing and teaching (RTT) is only permitted for an organisation or person who has a license from the Government. A licensed organisation or person must set up a special committee called an Animal Ethics Committee (AEC) to review any proposed use of animals in RTT. Use of animals can only happen if approved by an AEC.
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