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Dame Judy

Dame Judy

Dame Judy the goat was rescued by an SPCA Inspector after she was found on the ground unable to move.

She was suffering from severe foot rot, overgrown nails, and was extremely thin. It was a miracle Dame Judy was still alive.

Thankfully she was found just in time and could get immediately tended to her very concerning health issues. Dame Judy’s recovery was an uphill battle, but every day she amazed SPCA staff by showing how resilient she really was. After lots of physio, vet care, and food to fill her belly, Dame Judy graduated to the paddocks all on her own, and even recovered enough to run around. After two months of healing at SPCA, it was finally time to find her forever family.

Jan, a long-time supporter and foster parent for SPCA, immediately fell in love with Dame Judy. Jan has a vast and luscious paddock full of rescue pigs, goats, dogs and cows which would keep Dame Judy company.

“Dame Judy is in my oldies paddock,” says Jan. “She hangs out with seven old or disabled goats, and one very large pig called Delores.” The nine of them have become a big happy family – they all share the paddock, a couple of very large, warm houses and love spending time together. Jan explains that they were a little “argy bargy” with Dame Judy at first, but they knew they had to look after her, so they quickly became her protectors and welcomed her into their inner circle.

“I’m always so humbled by how forgiving animals are of people, even when they have been terribly neglected,” says her new mum.

“Dame Judy is so willing to trust and that is amazing. If I was to describe her in three words it would be resilient, sweet and happy.”

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