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Serena was just a puppy when she found. Her ribs were protruding due to malnourishment and she had trouble walking because she was so underweight.

​It’s scary to think what she must have been through at such a vulnerable age.

With regular meals and proper care, Serena started to put on weight and got the wag back in her tail. She was finally experiencing what every dog should – joy.

To complete her recovery, Serena spent some time with a foster family and that’s where her new chapter began. Her foster mum Michelle instantly fell in love with Serena’s positive spirit and loving nature, and knew that Serena was going to become a part of the family.

Soon after, they adopted her and this happy-go-lucky pup hasn’t looked back since. She has started obedience trained and has already been on lots of adventures with her new family.

Her new mum tells us, “She is an absolute gem and the kids love her so much. She is truly a part of the family and she is coming camping with us soon.”

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