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Use of Animals in Films and Television

Animals in Entertainment, Sport, and Work

SPCA advocates that use of animals in films, television, and theatre must only be done if the animal’s physical, health, and behavioural needs are met before, during, and after the performance.

SPCA opposes the use, training, confinement, or performance of wild or exotic animals for commercial gain and/or human entertainment. The use of domesticated animals for filming is only acceptable if the activity does not cause or permit their suffering or otherwise adversely affect their welfare.

Where animals are used in the making of films, advertisements or television programmes, or in the theatre, they must not endure physical or psychological distress. Animals must not be used for live entertainment where their needs are not put before those of the production and the audience, or if the circumstances of their captivity or the presence of an audience are likely to cause distress or harm.

SPCA advocates that animals used in film, television, and theatre be handled and trained with low-stress, force-free methods.

SPCA welcomes the increasing technological advances that make redundant the requirement to use most animals in the creation of film and television productions. With advances made in the computer generation and motion capture technologies, SPCA welcomes the further reduction of animals used in television, film, and theatre.

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