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Daisy and Diddly

Daisy and Diddly

Fearless friends – Daisy and Diddly’s tale of survival

Goats Daisy and Diddly were found with rope tied around their legs, deeply embedded in their skin. Barely old enough to look after themselves, they were sadly left in a paddock unable to walk properly because of being tied up. Their previous owners did so to stop them moving far, and the coarse rope caused painful bruising and cuts. When an SPCA inspector discovered Daisy and Diddly, she was shocked at the state in which they had been kept. Had they not been found when they were, they could have been at serious risk of a horrible infection caused by their wounds. She hurried them to a vet to have immediate medical care where the rope was cut away and their wounds cleaned and dressed. Daisy and Diddly finally took their first steps free from restraint, and were able to use their legs to walk normally. They began on what was set to be a long road to recovery. In the safe hands of SPCA farm staff, they were given medication for their wounds and began rehabilitation to strengthen their legs. The healing process took time, but day by day they grew stronger.

New-found freedom

Once they had healed, Daisy and Diddly made up for lost time and relished their new-found freedom and happiness. Before staff knew it, they were bouncing around SPCA paddocks doing goat ‘zoomies’. “They completely transformed from being shy and unsure to cheeky and adventurous. You would never know they’d had a traumatic past,” says SPCA farm attendant Gemma. The goats had quite a penchant for climbing and became known as the resident ‘ jungle explorers’. There wasn’t a gate, box or wall too high for Daisy and Diddly, much to the amusement of everyone who witnessed their antics. Daisy and Diddly truly defied the odds and went from weak to warriors. Staff then embarked on the challenge of finding the adventurous climbing duo a suitable home.

A blissful life

After a long wait at SPCA, the perfect home was found for Daisy and Diddly, with a family who would give them a life nothing short of perfect. It was a joyous day for staff, as they watched the lovable duo leave SPCA, ready for their new chapter in life. Daisy and Diddly now live a blissful life. They have lots of space to run, climb and explore their surroundings. Still cheeky and curious, you would never know what they had been through. “We are so happy they finally have the life they deserve,” Gemma says. “Their determination and zest for life is inspiring."

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