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When an SPCA Inspector received a call that a little Shih Tzu dog desperately needed help, he rushed to bring her to safety.

​It’s lucky that he got to her when he did. Her fur was so matted, she couldn’t see or walk properly and she was absolutely terrified.

At SPCA, our vets shaved Macey and gave her medication to help her infected eyes.

The road to recovery was going to be a long one for Macey, but the SPCA team was dedicated to giving her the life she deserves.

She then spent some time out with a caring foster family who showed her how to love and monitored her health closely. It didn’t take long for them to see what a wonderful dog she was – one that was just desperate for a family of her own.

Everyone who met this gorgeous girl fell in love, including her foster family. So much so, that after she had made a full recovery, her foster mum decided she was going to adopt her and finally give her a forever home.

She now lives a happy and idyllic life with other canine siblings for company.

You could barely tell Macey was a dog when she was found.
You could barely tell Macey was a dog when she was found.
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