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SPCA Inspector Maria recently found Macy skinny, weak and fighting for her life.

She had been left to fend for herself with no food, water, and was so thin every bone protruded.

Macy was immediately rushed to the safety of SPCA, where she received urgent vet care.

She had pressure sores, open wounds and cuts all over her body. Her faeces were nothing but hair because she had been eating her fur for sustenance.

She had to be fed every 2-3 hours, and had multiple baths to help her sores heal. Slowly, she began to put on weight, gain strength, and trust people.

Macy now lives with her new loving family, and is slowly forgetting her past. Her favourite things to do are to potter around the house, lie in the sun, go on her daily walks, and snuggle with her canine brother.

This is what Macy looked like when she was rescued.
This is what Macy looked like when she was rescued.
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