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Living a life on the streets had been tough for Popeye. He arrived at SPCA with a ruptured eye and a very badly injured tail.

He needed to have his tail amputated and his eye removed but that didn’t dampen his spirits!

Popeye overcame his past very quickly, and now lives a life of love and happiness with his adopted family.

Popeye’s new dad says the family fell in love with him instantly. “We saw him and just had to have him.”

In his new home, Popeye has been nicknamed ‘Popeye the pocket rocket’, as he loves to race up and down the stairs at the speed of light. But it seems he loves relaxing as much as he loves racing. Popeye’s favourite places to sleep are on his grey blanket, or on top of his dad on the couch. “His favourite word is bedtime,” says his new dad.

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