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Badru and Bon Bon

Badru and Bon Bon

Bon Bon and Badru were adopted separately from SPCA, but are now a beautifully bonded pair.

Bon Bon was rescued by an SPCA field officer when she was found injured and hiding in a bush, and Badru was brought to SPCA by a kind member of the public.

Their new family prepared themselves for a long bonding session, but it only took one day for the duo to become friends. “It was truly love at first sight, with the two of them grooming and lying next to each other. After only one supervised dating session we felt we couldn’t separate them again as the connection was undeniable,” says their new mum.

“They have been spending their days free-ranging in our rabbit-proof garden, binkying and showing off, and then running with excitement to greet each other in between nuzzles and licks. They then get tucked up with their blankets and food in the garage at night.

Thank you for all your advice and with helping us find the perfect wife bun for Badru.”

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