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From rescued to rehomed: Kanda's story

29 August 2023

Here at SPCA, we have dozens of animals come through our doors every day. Our ‘rescued to rehomed’ stories share just some of the tales of those who come into our care, like Kanda, who was found on the brink of death.

From rescued to rehomed: Kanda's story

The rescue

When Donna made her way to work one day, she never expected that she would soon be rescuing a kitten from a car park! The poor thing was alone, afraid, and looked very unwell.

While the kitten was doing well at evading her, Donna didn’t give up - after a couple of hours of attempts, she eventually managed to get hold of the wee boy, and it was clear that he was not in a good way. She quickly contacted our nearby Masterton Centre, and our team advised her to bring him straight in for assessment.

Even though Donna knew he may not survive, and was doing her best to not get attached, this was certainly a challenge. She decided to name him Kanda, as she found him at Kanda Rest home.

Kitten rescued and brought to SPCA

A long road to recovery

Donna arrived at our Masterton Centre with wee Kanda, who was barely clinging to life. Our team were shocked by his condition and unsure whether or not he would pull through - he was only a few weeks’ old, very weak, incredibly skinny, with terrible ringworm and mange, and had various other health issues.

Our vet nurse told us “Kanda had the worst case of ringworm I’d ever seen. It was truly awful.”

It was time for Kanda’s treatment to begin. With his skin in such shocking condition from the ringworm and mange, Kanda needed regular medicated baths. The team told us that he didn’t like these at first, but in time became used to them.

“While he was in treatment, we had to give him regular baths to help his skin, which he grew to tolerate… but in the end he just loved being wrapped up in a warm fluffy towel and held!”

SPCA kitten recovering
SPCA kitten recovering

His rescuer Donna visited every week to check on him. Despite her efforts to not get attached, it was clear that she had fallen in love with this sweet kitten – and we don’t blame her!

Despite all he had been through, Kanda became a happy, confident cat and it’s fair to say that the team at the Masterton centre were all smitten! The once hairless and very sick kitten, was now thriving and ready to find a forever home.

Kanda SPCA cat

It was meant to be…

    Donna admitted that she wanted to adopt Kanda from the second she rescued him – and we couldn’t be more thrilled that this is exactly what she did. Donna saved his life, and while he was in our care she was sure to visit him every single week to check on his progress.

    For our team at the Masterton Centre, it was incredible to get to watch this healthy boy go on to his loving forever home.

    Kanda is now loving his new life with Donna, and has even gone to work with her, to the Kanda Rest Home where he was first found! He’s a bit of a celebrity there among the residents, where they like to comment on his incredible transformation. One of these residents lovingly knits him new toys - the latest addition being pom-poms, which Kanda loves to destroy!

    Kanda is growing in confidence every day. He loves exploring the house, hanging upside down on his cat tower, as well as being curled up with Donna and Sean the dog (his new best friend).

    Donna said “SPCA did such a beautiful job making him all better, so he could come home with me. I didn’t think he would make it…from the bottom of my heart, thank you.”

    Saving Kanda really was a team effort, so it’s truly heart-warming to be able to share Kanda’s happy ending. He’s happy, healthy and thriving with his biggest fan, Donna.

Kanda has become best friends with the family dog Sean.
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