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From rescued to rehomed: Dumpling’s story

28 June 2021
From rescued to rehomed: Dumpling’s story

Here at SPCA we have dozens of animals come through our doors every day. Our ‘Rescued to Rehomed’ stories share the tales of those who come into our care, in pain and often fighting for their lives, and make a miraculous recovery. This is Dumpling’s story.

In shocking condition

We would understand if Dumpling's condition made you gasp at first. She left our team shocked too.

Dumpling first arrived in our Masterton Centre’s care with a large protruding right eye that had ruptured. It was red, hugely swollen, and beginning to scab.

At a mere few weeks old, poor Dumpling had already suffered immeasurably. But despite her injury, she was very smoochy and cuddly, had a great trust in humans and lapped up affection.

Dumpling on arrival to SPCA
Dumpling on arrival to SPCA

Making a difficult decision

Dumpling was immediately transferred to our Hospital Unit and placed under the careful watch of our veterinary team. A vet assessment determined Dumpling needed eye surgery to remove her right eye, as her injuries were far beyond repair.

But at such a young age and weighing just 330g, Dumpling needed more time to grow and heal before she would be ready to undergo the operation. Her body was simply too small to go through such an extensive procedure.

In the meantime, Dumpling was cared for by SPCA vets and vet nurses. She was syringe-fed regularly until she could eat on her own, and given daily pain relief and medication. Her eye was so sore that our team couldn’t risk administering eye medication and irritating it further.

After a few weeks in our care, she was strong enough to undergo the eye surgery.

Removing an eye or amputating a limb is not a decision our vet team takes lightly. It is always with the animal's best interests in mind. With Dumpling's right eye causing severe pain and irreversible damage, our team knew this was the best option for Dumpling so that she could go on the live a happy and pain-free life.

Dumpling in foster care post surgery
Dumpling in foster care post surgery

Thriving in foster care and beyond

Dumpling’s surgery was a success and vets managed to remove her eye without any complications. Her surgical site was healing well, and she was placed in foster care with SPCA vet nurse Grace and her partner to continue her recovery in a home environment.

“Dumpling was so happy, and such a cheeky monkey. She wouldn’t sit still for any photos,” Grace says.

Dumpling played all day and didn’t let life with limited sight slow her down.

A few weeks later, Dumpling showed such amazing progression with her recovery that she was ready to find a forever family and it didn’t take long to find her the perfect match. She's now living happily ever after with her new family Jordan, who says she's settling in well.

"Dumpling is loving sitting in the sun, eating cat treats and annoying her big brother. She has settled in very well, loves playing in water, and running through her cat tunnel. She is just starting to learn when it is breakfast time and has no problem working out where all her things are. She's really become a part of the family."

Thank you for helping animals in need like Dumpling, regardless of their injuries or disabilities, lead a happy and healthy life.

Dumpling in her forever home with Jordan
Dumpling in her forever home with Jordan
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