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15 different ways you can support SPCA

25 May 2022

This year is a momentous one for SPCA. Why? Because it marks SPCA’s 150 years of service, helping animals in need across Aotearoa New Zealand. Since 1872, we’ve worked tirelessly to advance animal welfare in our communities and prevent cruelty against innocent animals. Together, with your support, we will remain in their corner for many years to come.

15 different ways you can support SPCA

Keep reading for ways that you join the fight against animal cruelty and be a voice for the voiceless.

1. Donate to SPCA

Small acts of kindness make a huge difference. With only five percent Government funding, we rely on the kindness of our communities to continue our life-saving work. Whether you donate financially to SPCA, or donate goods to your closest SPCA Centre, any gift you can give – big or small – will help us secure a better future for New Zealand’s animals.

2. Volunteer with SPCA

SPCA could not function without the help of our fantastic volunteers who donate their time at SPCA Centres and Op Shops. If you are ready to put your hand up to help, we can discuss a volunteer option that may suit you.

3. Foster with SPCA

Many of the animals that come into our SPCA Centres need additional care, treatment and socialisation before finding their new forever home. That’s where our foster parents help out, by giving animals a temporary home to recover. You can help save the life of an animal by becoming an SPCA foster parent today.

4. Adopt from SPCA

Every year, thousands of animals of all shapes, sizes and ages come into our SPCA Centres nationwide. All of them have an individual story and all of them deserve a second chance in life. If you’re considering adding a furry friend to your family, please consider adopting a rescue animal from SPCA. If you didn’t know, every animal from SPCA comes desexed, microchipped, fully vaccinated, up-to-date on worming and flea treatments, and fully ready for their next chapter with you.

5. Support SPCA's Op Shops across Aotearoa

When you donate to or shop at SPCA Op Shops, not only are you shopping sustainably by buying secondhand, but the money you spend in store is for a good cause. All money raised at SPCA Op Shops contributes towards helping New Zealand’s abandoned, abused and neglected animals in need.

6. Engage with SPCA's Education programme

SPCA wants to make a real difference by educating the next generation about how to care for animals and teach them about animal welfare, so our team developed a free education programme for schools. We are determined to help inform and educate our tamariki and change the hearts and minds of our future generations.

7. Purchase SPCA Certified products

SPCA Certified was set up to improve the lives of animals by working alongside the farming and pet care industries. We believe continued improvements are key to sustainable, meaningful and positive animal welfare outcomes and we’re encouraging New Zealanders to drive real change for animals by purchasing products and services that are SPCA Certified.

8. Advocate for animals

Engaging with stakeholders and building relationships with Government is key to achieving legislative change and improving animal welfare. Our dedicated team of scientists advocate at every opportunity for the animals. In the past year, 25 submissions were made to relevant authorities, we attended 304 stakeholder meetings to advance animal welfare, and we were part of 13 advisory groups and committees.

There are many things that you can do to help achieve a law-change and have your voice heard. Options include signing a petition, signing up to receive alerts from MPI and the NZ Government when they're accepting submissions on consultations, and meeting or writing letters to Members of Parliament.

9. Desex your pets

Desexing and responsible ownership are the only way to address the cause of unwanted animals being born, abused and neglected. By desexing your pet, you’re not only helping them lead a happier and healthier life, but you’re also stopping them from breeding and producing litters of unwanted animals.

10. Microchip your pets

Every day, animals go missing and end up at SPCA Centres around New Zealand. A microchip gives your pet the best chance of being reunited with you if they become lost or stolen, and we urge pet parents to get your animals microchipped.

11. Make enrichment toys for animals

By making enrichment toys, you're helping SPCA animals while they wait for their forever homes! Enrichment toys are so important for SPCA animals as they allow them to express their natural behaviours, an essential part of their welfare. Not only do toys provide them with opportunities to play, they keep their minds busy as well!

12. Support SPCA's key partners

Without the generous support of our commercial partners and granting bodies, we simply could not help as many animals as we do. Purina donate over 82,000 kg of pet food to SPCA Centres, Pet Depot donate 30% profits to our cause, and SPCA Pet Insurance NZ will look after your furry family member when illness or mishaps occur. By supporting our key partners, you’re helping New Zealand’s vulnerable animals.

13. Leave a legacy

Leaving a gift to SPCA will have a lasting impact on animals in need for generations to come and will help ensure that New Zealand’s most cherished charity will always be here to help animals.

Our SPCA facilities in Taranaki were recently upgraded thanks to a very generous legacy gift from the late Dawn Kennedy. Because of Dawn’s kind forethought, we have been able to build a new fit-for-purpose barn for the small animals at our New Plymouth Centre. Opened a few months ago, the new barn is a vast improvement to the old small hutches that used to house our critters. Resembling a ‘mini–Noah’s Ark’, the barn is home to rabbits, guinea pigs, and birds such as chickens or geese.

“The new barn is a fantastic addition to housing on-site. It allows us to better protect our animals when the weather turns nasty, or open up when the sun is shining,” SPCA Area Manager Danny Auger says.

14. Fundraise for SPCA

No matter your age – you can support the animals of New Zealand by fundraising for us. Every little bit helps! The world is your oyster…you can design a fundraising activity to suit your capabilities and enthusiasm.

15. Get your workplace involved

From sponsorship and payroll giving to corporate volunteering and employee fundraising, there are great opportunities for you and your company to create a mutually beneficial partnership with us.

There are countless ways you can help the animals. Thank you for supporting SPCA and caring and protecting animals. It is because of you that we’re able to serve the animals, and save lives.

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