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Transport of Companion Animals

SPCA advocates that companion animals should be securely and appropriately contained during transport to protect them from causing an accident or being injured.

Not only can animals get hurt in an accident but an unrestrained animal can cause an accident by simply being a distraction. SPCA encourages owners to transport their animals securely, comfortably and appropriately restrained.

Dogs transported on the open deck or open trailer of a moving motor vehicle on a public road are legally required to be secured in a way that prevents the dog falling off or hanging off the open deck or open trailer.

SPCA advocates that companies should be required to complete independent safety/crash testing to support claims about their products.

While many products claim to be crash tested there is currently no industry oversight or testing requirements. SPCA supports the development and regulation of safety standards for harnesses, crates and carriers intended for use as car safety restraints.

SPCA advocates for the use of reward-based training to prepare companion animals for travel.

Building positive associations with common restraints, such as carriers or harnesses, and common noises and movement associated with transport can help to make travel safer and less stressful.

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