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Tasering Animals

SPCA advocates that police officers use properly trained handlers to pacify or safely contain animals.

Our organisation advocates for police officers to be trained how to safely contain animals and use properly trained handlers to pacify animals, instead of using tasers.

SPCA opposes the use of tasers on animals due to the significant welfare harms caused and advocates that alternative, humane techniques are used to pacify or contain animals.

The use of tasers on animals is likely to result in pain and distress. Animals who have been exposed to electric shocks such as tasers are more likely to be fearful after being harmed and therefore may act in an unusually aggressive manner, putting those concerned at risk.

Police should be properly trained in alternative, humane techniques and understand the pain and distress that animals experience when tasered. If tasers are ever used on animals, SPCA expects that all other options have been exhausted and that the circumstances should automatically be reviewed by an independent animal welfare committee. A veterinarian must check the animal’s welfare and deliver all necessary treatment to relieve pain and distress immediately after the incident.

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