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Stray Cats

SPCA advocates for the implementation of humane and sustainable management strategies, including effective non-lethal cat management, such as managed targeted trap-neuter-return programmes with the overall goal of no stray cats in New Zealand.

SPCA acknowledges the efforts that many people go to in order to support the lives of individual stray cats and those living in colonies. Our organisation advocates for humane and effective stray cat management that results in no stray cats in New Zealand. SPCA advocates for the implementation of management strategies carried out in accordance with best practice guidance (such as ear tipping). SPCA does not support managed targeted trap-neuter-return programmes in ecologically sensitive areas where cats pose a significant risk to native wildlife.

“Stray cats” are unowned cats, sometimes known as community cats. They have many of their needs directly or indirectly met by humans. Some stray cats are unsocialised and may not be suitable as companions. Others may have been lost or abandoned by humans, and could be rehomed in certain circumstances.

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