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SPCA advocates for all companion cats, dogs, and other companion animals as deemed appropriate, to be desexed before selling or rehoming, except registered breeding animals.

SPCA is concerned about the oversupply of companion animals. The excessive, uncontrolled breeding of companion animals is an important contributing factor in creating New Zealand’s widespread stray and unwanted animal problems, which leads to negative welfare impacts, negative impacts on the environment, and the euthanasia of healthy animals. The desexing of companion animals is an important component of population control and has welfare benefits for the desexed animal.

SPCA supports pre-pubertal desexing and recommends that all cats, dogs, rabbits, and other companion animals as deemed appropriate, are desexed as early as possible in accordance with veterinary advice.

SPCA supports the pre-pubertal desexing of companion animals by a veterinarian, or a veterinary student under the direct supervision of a veterinarian. Adequate and appropriate medical care must be provided prior to, during and after the operation, including anaesthesia and analgesia.

SPCA supports programmes that provide education and services promoting pre-pubertal desexing and the offer of reduced cost or free pre-pubertal desexing schemes.

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