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Consumption of Animal Products

SPCA aims to work collaboratively with industry and Government to achieve high welfare standards for farmed animals reared for food in New Zealand.

SPCA advocates for eating less, and higher welfare, animal products.

Our organisation recognises the growing ethical, environmental, health, and cost arguments in favour of reduced consumption of animals and animal products. SPCA respects that some people choose to consume animals or animal products, but also recognises that some people choose not to.

For those who purchase animal products, SPCA advocates for support to enable them to select the most ethical items produced from higher welfare systems.

SPCA acknowledges that in some cases, higher welfare animal products may be more expensive than lower welfare products. Our organisation supports the concept of ‘eating less and better’ – choosing higher-welfare animal products and swapping some animal products for plant-based alternatives.

SPCA supports a ‘One Welfare’ approach which recognises the interconnectedness of animal welfare, human wellbeing, and the environment.

‘One Welfare’ is the concept that animal welfare depends on and influences human wellbeing, biodiversity and the environment. A One Welfare approach to addressing animal welfare issues requires cross-disciplinary collaboration between stakeholders from relevant disciplines to work together towards a common goal for improving animal welfare, human wellbeing, biodiversity and environmental sustainability.

For farmed animals, the interrelatedness of human, environmental and animal wellbeing is clear. Among many other examples, there are links between intensive animal farming, poor animal welfare outcomes, and negative impacts on our environment. The use of antibiotics on-farm to maintain animal health has a connection to antimicrobial resistance. Acknowledging these connections is essential to improve outcomes for everyone.

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