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Position Statements

Sustainable Farming

SPCA advocates that animal welfare is considered as part of the sustainability in farming.

Internationally, there is a growing acceptance of the importance of the links between animal, environmental, and human wellbeing.

New Zealand works within the frameworks provided by the United Nations, the World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH), and the World Health Organisation (WHO). These organisations acknowledge that animal welfare is closely linked to animal health, the health and well-being of people and the sustainability of socio-economic and ecological systems. Improving animal welfare can contribute to addressing environmental challenges, promoting and expanding on the “One Health” approach and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

SPCA supports the inclusion of animal welfare into New Zealand’s strategies and definitions for sustainability in food production. SPCA advocates that banks should act to improve sustainability, including animal welfare, when lending for upgrading farm buildings and agricultural expansion.

SPCA supports work into researching and implementing regenerative agriculture.

Regenerative agriculture has potential benefits to animal welfare and the environment, but the definition of what constitutes regenerative agriculture can be fluid. There is a need for more research in New Zealand to ensure that the concept results in measurable improvements for animal welfare.

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