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Competitive and Fundraising Events

SPCA advocates for organisational responsibility for competitive and fundraising events to ensure that all animals involved have a Good Life where they experience positive welfare and have their physical, health, and behavioural needs met.

Organisers of competitive events and animal owners must ensure the safety and welfare of participating animal(s) and have a plan for if animals show signs of stress or discomfort. The animals must be fit, healthy, appropriately trained and socialised, and there must not be unreasonable demands placed on participating animals.Drugs or surgical procedures, including masking pain, must not be used to alter the performance of an animal to enable it to compete.

SPCA supports the use of low-stress, force-free handling and training methods for animals used in competitive events.

SPCA opposes the involvement of animals for competitive or fundraising events where they are likely to experience fear, pain, or distress.

During the competition and while in training, an animal should not be subjected to excessive behavioural restriction, discomfort, or constant pressure via the use of equipment that causes negative welfare states.

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