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Animal Pounds, Shelters, and Rescue Groups

SPCA advocates for all animal pounds, shelters and rescue groups to provide the animals in their care with a Good Life where they experience positive welfare and their physical, health, and behavioural needs are met.

To ensure the welfare of animals under their care, animal pounds, shelters, and rescue groups must not exceed their capacity for care and must ensure animals are provided with exercise, social contact, shelter, veterinary treatment, and food and water appropriate to their individual physical, health, and behavioural needs.

SPCA advocates for the regulation and independent inspection of all animal pounds, shelters, and rescue groups.

All pounds, shelters, and rescue groups must comply with the Code of Welfare (Temporary Housing of Companion Animals) and other relevant species-specific Codes of Welfare. Animal pounds, shelters, and rescue groups are not currently subject to routine inspection.

SPCA acknowledges the work of all personnel within pounds, shelters and rescues across New Zealand.

Personnel should be competent and properly trained to deliver standardised care to animals across the country.

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