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  • Commercial Fishing
    SPCA supports ecosystem-based approaches to fisheries management that identify effects on ecosystems and the welfare of target and non-target species.
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  • Fish and Aquatic Invertebrates
    SPCA advocates that wild fish and aquatic invertebrates must be treated humanely and practices that have the potential to cause unnecessary pain, injury or suffering must be avoided.
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  • Fur Trapping
    SPCA is against farming of wild animals for their fur.
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  • Hunting with Dogs
    SPCA advocates animals should only be hunted with methods that minimise the negative welfare impacts. SPCA opposes the hunting of animals with dogs because of the negative impacts to the welfare of both the hunted animal and the dogs.
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  • Live Decoy Bird Traps
    SPCA advocates that only trapping methods that minimise the negative welfare harms caused to targeted and non-targeted animals.
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  • Wild Animals Killed for Food
    SPCA advocates that the killing or capturing of wild animals for food must only be done in ways that minimise negative impacts on animal welfare.
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  • Sea Lions
    SPCA opposes human activities that result in the injuries or deaths of New Zealand sea lions. SPCA advocates for increased protection of sea lion welfare and recover the species to non-threatened status. Our organisation is concerned with fisheries activities that impact sea lions, particularly around breeding populations.
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  • Sharks
    SPCA advocates for non-lethal methods of shark attack prevention, for example, patrols and surveillance, and educational programmes on shark awareness. SPCA opposes the culling of sharks, i.e., the baiting and killing of sharks, to reduce shark attacks.
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  • Pest Control
    SPCA values the lives of all animals and recognises that they are all equally deserving of protection from experiencing pain or distress.
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  • Poisons
    SPCA advocates that only methods that minimise negative welfare harms caused to targeted and non-targeted animals be used to kill animals.
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