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  • Animal Sentience
    ​SPCA recognises animals to be sentient beings. SPCA supports the inclusion of the word “sentience” in the Animal Welfare Act 1999 and advocates for animal sentience to be considered when minimum standards and regulations are developed.
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  • Animal Welfare Legislation and Standards
    ​SPCA advocates for the term ‘physical, health and behavioural needs’ in the Animal Welfare Act 1999 to be redefined. SPCA advocates for animal welfare standards to be clear and enforceable.
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  • One Welfare
    SPCA supports a ‘One Welfare’ approach which recognises the interconnectedness of animal welfare, human wellbeing, and the environment.
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  • The Five Domains
    SPCA advocates for the use of the ‘Five Domains’ model of animal welfare in science and legislation in preference to the ‘Five Freedoms’.
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  • Commissioner for Animals
    SPCA supports the call for an independent Commissioner for Animals to ensure effective oversight of the animal welfare system.
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  • Humane treatment of crayfish and crustaceans
    Crayfish, crabs, rock lobster and kōura are sentient animals, meaning they can feel pain and distress, and they are covered by New Zealand’s Animal Welfare Act 1999. If these animals are captured, handled, transported and killed for human consumption, it is critical that this is done so humanely.
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  • The animal welfare problem with velvet antler removal
    Male deer (stags) grow and shed antlers each year. ‘Velvet antler’ refers to antlers that are still growing – during this stage, they are covered with a velvet-like covering of soft fine hair. While growing, velvet antler receives a full blood supply and contains nerve endings. In New Zealand, deer velvet is surgically removed from farmed red deer (wapiti) and is sold as a health supplement or traditional medicine and often exported.
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  • Myth-busting on reduced-fee adoptions
    Adoption events with reduced fees are proven to increase adoptions, but there are many myths surrounding the removal or reduction of those fees. As an evidence-based organisation, SPCA examines the research to explore these myths.
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