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  • Debarking and Devoicing
    ​SPCA advocates for the use of reward-based training to manage excessive barking in dogs.

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  • Declawing
    SPCA supports the use of reward-based training and appropriate enrichment to manage aggression and redirect cats from scratching on inappropriate surfaces.
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  • Dew Claw Removal
    SPCA advocates for the elimination of dew claw removal from breed standards for pedigree animals.

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  • Ear Cropping
    SPCA supports pinnectomy procedures only when conducted by a veterinarian, or a veterinary student under the direct supervision of a veterinarian, for therapeutic reasons and where adequate and appropriate medical care is provided prior to, during and after the operation, including anaesthesia and analgesia.
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  • Tail Docking (Companion)
    SPCA opposes the prophylactic and cosmetic docking and banding of dogs’ tails.
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  • Body Modifications
    SPCA opposes all body modifications of companion animals carried out for non-therapeutic reasons.
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  • Pet shops and the online shops selling animals
    SPCA supports pet shops acting as a rehoming point for shelter animals, provided the animals’ physical, health, and behavioural needs can be met. SPCA supports the rehoming of desexed, vaccinated, and microchipped animals, as appropriate to the species and individual animal.
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  • Desexing
    SPCA advocates for all companion cats, dogs, and other companion animals as deemed appropriate, to be desexed before selling or rehoming, except registered breeding animals.
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  • Selective Breeding
    SPCA supports responsible breeding practices which prioritise animal welfare and advocates for desexing of non-breeding animals.
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  • Breeding Companion Animals
    SPCA advocates that prospective animal owners acquire their companion animal from SPCA centres or other reputable animal rescue organisations, where possible
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