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  • Keeping your cat safe and happy at home
    With a large portion of the population living in densely populated cities and urban suburbs, preventing your cat from roaming from your property is an increasingly common practice.
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  • Pet obesity - how big is the issue?
    Pets come in all shapes, colours, breeds, species, and sizes. It’s hard to resist a cute dog or cat who loves cuddles, and we hardly seem to mind if they are extra cuddly because they are a bit overweight.
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  • Keeping pets safe in summer
    Hot summer months can present some challenges for our animals. Here are our tips on helping your pet stay happy, healthy and cool during summer.
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  • What do Fish Want? Environmental Enrichment for Companion Fish
    When looking out for the welfare of our pets, there are two key questions we need to ask ourselves: Are they healthy? And do they have what they want? As (sadly) we are not able to communicate with animals verbally, we need to carefully observe and understand their body language.
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  • Are Fish the Right Companion Animals for You?
    Fish can be fascinating pets! They are intelligent, delightful and charismatic animals. However, they are not an “easy” pet to care for. There are some key factors to consider before choosing to take on the responsibility of a fish.
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  • How should I deter cats from entering my property
    If you are experiencing frequent unwanted visits from our four-legged friends, here are some tips to humanely discourage them from entering your property.
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  • Caring for fish
    While fish are amazing pets, they are also a serious commitment. Fish are living beings with needs, wants, and feelings - just like you and I. They require a lot of time, money, love, and understanding – they are not low maintenance pets. It is your responsibility to keep your fish safe, happy, and healthy.
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  • Caring for ducks
    While ducks can make great companions, they are also a serious commitment. Before you decide to care for ducks, it is important to consider whether you have the time, resources, and knowledge, as well as the right environment to care for your ducks properly.
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  • Caring for terrapins
    Terrapins, also known as sliders, include red-eared sliders, yellow-bellied sliders and Cumberland sliders. They are a species of freshwater turtle that can grow to approximately 25cm long and have a lifespan of around 30 years in captivity!
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  • Caring For Guinea Pigs
    Guinea pigs are sociable, talkative, inquisitive animals! Guinea pigs have a longer life span than other small pets, such as hamsters and mice, and may live up to 10 years of age.
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