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  • Outreach Therapy Pets – pets helping people
    It’s a fine day in March, 2014. Wearing his work uniform of a white bandana, Scruffy waits patiently by the front door.
  • The dangers of fishing tackles for wildlife and pets
    Fishing can be great fun for the whole family but unfortunately fishing tackle can cause severe injuries to our wildlife and our pets too.
  • How to help your arthritic pet cope over winter?
    Older animals tend to find the cold weather over winter a bit of a challenge, especially those with arthritis. Arthiritis is inflammation of the joints and can have many underlying causes including prior injury, degenerative disease and developmental disorders.
  • Keep animals safe around fireworks
    While most people enjoy the fireworks festivities, unfortunately many pets become highly distressed by fireworks.
  • Preparing your pets for winter
    Time is rushing by, and before we know it, winter will be here. So now is the time to plan ahead to make sure your pets will be comfortable and well fed during the long cold winter months.
  • Keeping pets safe at Christmas
    Please be extra vigilant about what your pets eat over the Festive season. Don’t share human food with your pets, and think twice about leaving food in places that might be easily accessible to pets.
  • Animals in emergencies
    Recent natural disasters both here in New Zealand and around the world have shown that we all need a plan for emergency or disaster situations.
  • What to do when you lost your pet?
    Losing your pet can be a very distressing time for owners. Thousands of animals become lost or go missing from their home every year.
  • What to do if you find an animal?
    If you find a sick or injured animal please contact your local SPCA Centre immediately so that we can advise you of the best steps to take.

  • What to do when you need to rehome your pet?
    Sometimes people find themselves in the unfortunate position of being unable to keep their pet. We realise that making the decision to rehome your pet is an extremely tough one and it may be for reasons out of your control.
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