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  • Keeping your goats healthy
    Healthy goats have good appetites, glossy coats, clear, bright eyes, and are interested in everything around them.
  • The benefits of microchipping your pet
    Every day, animals go missing. Sadly, many are never reunited with their owners, simply because of a lack of identification. A microchip gives your pet the best chance of being reunited with you if they become lost or stolen.
  • Top tips for transporting your pets in the car
    Take your pet’s safety and happiness into consideration before going on any trip.
  • Beat the heat – Keeping pets safe during the hot summer months
    During the hot summer months, it is important to remember that this season can present some challenges and problems to your animals. Here are our tips on helping your pet stay happy, healthy and cool during summer.
  • Is a dog the right companion animal for you?
    Dogs can make delightful pets, but before you decide to take on this new responsibility, please look into and consider carefully the needs of dogs and remember that these animals will rely on you to meet their needs every day of the year.
  • Exercise and enrichment for dogs
    Dogs need a secure and comfortable living environment with lots of enrichment; this may be indoors, indoors and outdoors, or outdoors (but we believe that dogs would be allowed inside as they are part of the family).
  • What to feed your dog or puppy
    Dogs need a premium food for energy and health, and access to water at all times.
  • Keeping your dog healthy
    Desexing, vaccinations, parasite treatment and regular vet visits all play their part in keeping your dog or puppy healthy.
  • The truth behind brachycephalic breeds - appearance over welfare?
    The squishy face, the short and cuddly body, the big adoring eyes – these are some of the many features that attract people to breeds such as pugs, French bulldogs, British bulldogs, Persian cats and Scottish fold cats.
  • How to care for pigs
    Whether you are looking to welcome a new pig into the family, or are just interested in our smart farmyard friends, we have put together a guide on what pigs need to be happy and healthy.
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