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The benefits of adopting a mature dog

It doesn’t always have to be a puppy – here are a few reasons why adopting a mature dog might be a great choice for you

  • Puppies are cute, but they can be high maintenance too! Mature dogs have already learned some manners, and can generally learn the rules of their new home pretty quickly. As a bonus, they are already toilet trained!
  • Older dogs are more settled, calm and content than puppies.
  • The advantage to adopting an older dog is they already have an established personality and our canine team will be able to match your family to the perfect dog.
  • Often older dogs are less active, so if your lifestyle can’t keep up with the exercise needs of a young dog, they could be a better fit for your family.
  • Adopting an older dog is truly giving an animal a second chance at life.
  • But the very best thing about adopting an older dog is that you’ll have years of happiness and joy with them!
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