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Farmed Animals

SPCA respects religious freedom, however our organisation opposes religious exemptions that allow non-stun slaughter (such as shechita and non-commercial halal) because this method of killing is not humane.

SPCA advocates that, in order to ensure as humane a death as possible, all animals must be effectively stunned prior to slaughter. Stunning ensures immediate loss of consciousness to prevent animals from feeling any pain during the slaughter process.

Halal slaughter requires that the animal dies from the “halal cut” to the throat, i.e. that the pre-slaughter stun is not powerful enough to kill the animal. In premises that perform halal slaughter in New Zealand, non-lethal electrical stunning is used to render animal’s unconscious instantaneously and ensure they remain unconscious at the time of slaughter, thus complying with both animal welfare and halal requirements.

(see Slaughter (General) for more details)

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