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North Island Flooding - What Pet Owners need to know:

Here are some important tips and guidelines for pet owners to keep in mind during this difficult time.

Please contact MPI for emergency response support on: 0800 222 200

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Organised school and community events that promote the killing or use of dead animals

Animals in Entertainment, Sport, and Work

SPCA advocates for children’s involvement in activities that help develop an understanding of and empathy for all animals. 

Our organisation advocates children are taught compassionate conservation and should not be encouraged to hate animals on the basis of a label. All animals, whether alive or dead, are deserving of respect, whether they are considered pest, are farmed, or live within people’s homes. SPCA advocates that instead of organised killing events, humane education can better prepare young people to appreciate and protect the biological heritage of New Zealand.

 (See Animal Welfare Education for more information)

SPCA opposes animal hunts and trapping, and use of dead animals in contests, taking place in association with schools or communities and with the involvement of children. 

Activities such as these normalise the killing and disrespect of animals. SPCA is concerned about events where animals are killed or dead animals are used as entertainment (such as dressing up dead animals or tossing them), because of the potential for these activities to undermine children’s wellbeing and the development of empathy towards all living beings that a compassionate and developed society requires.  All animals, even in death, are deserving of respect whether they are considered a pest, are farmed, or live within people’s homes.

SPCA is concerned that these events promote the inhumane or illegal killing of animals, such as drowning of dependent offspring.

Children who witness or engage in animal-directed violence may develop poor interpersonal skills and behaviour problems including aggression or cruelty towards animals and humans.

(See Animal Welfare Education for more information)

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