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Keeping your pets safe in spring

The warmer weather is great for pets and their owners alike, but it’s also a timely reminder to check your house and garden for anything that may be harmful to your pet.

Thanks to their curious nature, both dogs and cats can sniff, lick and chew their way into trouble. Spring can also be a time when we see pets suffering allergies and itchy skin due to pollen or grass.

  • Compost: Keep your compost free of human foods that are toxic to pets.
  • Fertiliser: Use fertiliser that is free of toxins, and make sure pets are indoors when you’re spraying.
  • Slug, snail and rat bait: It is important to remember that any poisonous bait kept on your property is a risk to your pet, and ingestion of the bait, whether directly or through ingestion of a poisoned animal, is often fatal. If you do keep poisonous bait on your property, keep it out of reach and in a pet-proof container.
  • Garden tools: Many gardening tools, like rakes, are sharp and can easily cause puncture wounds, which can then cause tetanus. Make sure garden tools are locked away, or at least not hiding in tall grass.
  • Poisonous plants: Plant poisoning is fairly common for pets and plants found in many Kiwi gardens such as aloe vera, daffodils and even tomato plants can be toxic for your animals. Check out more harmful plants here and make sure to keep them out of reach of your pets.

Check out more harmful plants here and make sure to keep them out of reach of your pets.

Despite your most careful attention, pets can still get up to a bit of mischief and sometimes need unexpected visits to the vet. We recommend that all pet owners take out pet insurance to help ensure you can afford the care your animals rely on you for.


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