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How to stop your cat from scratching your couch?

I absolutely adore my cat Moby, but he won’t stop scratching my brand new couch. Help!

I can understand this is frustrating for you, but please remember that cat scratching is perfectly normal and it’s necessary for Moby’s health to help keep them stretched, limber and their nails in good health. That’s because the outer sheath needs to shed regularly, or they can suffer from painful, infected ingrown nails. Scratching is also an essential way of marking their territory – which is why you might see Moby scratching near windows or doors.

Cats will use your furniture if you don’t provide them with another appropriate outlet. So the good news for you – and your couch – is that you can teach Moby to scratch somewhere else. You’ll need some appropriate scratching materials like posts, or a cat tree. Keep in mind that some cats, especially if they are older, like horizontal surfaces and others like vertical surfaces, which should be 1.5 times the height of your cat.

Place this new scratching item near the coach and make the couch less appealing by wrapping the area where Moby scratches in bubble wrap, tin foil, or double-sided tape. Or block access to the couch, and tempt him to use the new scratching post by dangling toys or treats at the top of the post. Remember the sooner you offer alternatives to scratching your couch, the more success you will have in changing this behaviour.

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