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North Island Flooding - What Pet Owners need to know:

Here are some important tips and guidelines for pet owners to keep in mind during this difficult time.

Please contact MPI for emergency response support on: 0800 222 200

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Companion Animals

SPCA is concerned about the use of dazers due to their potential to cause welfare compromise. SPCA advocates that alternative techniques are used to control and/or train dogs, such as reward-based training methods to address barking and other unwanted behaviours.

The dog dazer is a hand-held ultrasonic noise emitter designed to stop aggressive dogs, stop barking and also used as a general training aid. SPCA is concerned about the potential distress and long-term hearing damage that may result from the frequency and decibel emitted by these devices.

SPCA opposes the use of any aversive methods to train and control animals. Aversive training techniques are based on the principle of applying an unpleasant stimulus to stop or prevent unwanted behaviour. Such techniques can cause pain, physical discomfort, fear and/or undue anxiety and may compromise welfare. They can also increase the unwanted behaviour or cause other behaviour problems to arise.

(See Training Methods and Devices for more details)

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