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Beak Tipping / Trimming

Farmed Animals

SPCA advocates for an end to the beak trimming and tipping of poultry.

Current intensive poultry systems in New Zealand necessitate the need for beak tipping. SPCA acknowledges that an end to the beak tipping and trimming of poultry must be brought about alongside efforts to improve flock management to ensure that the welfare of the birds is not compromised. Our organisation advocates that the Government and the poultry industry focus on poultry management improvement, without resorting to beak trimming, to end animal welfare problems that can occur from injurious pecking. This can be achieved by making conscious efforts to meet the birds’ physical, health, and behavioural needs by improving stocking densities, diet, pullet rearing methods, breed selection, light intensity, and range enrichment. Where beak tipping/trimming is the only option, refinement of the technique must be used, for example using the lowest level appropriate for infrared beak trimming.

SPCA advocates for all animals to be kept in environments that meet their physical, health, and behavioural needs.

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