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Advantages of desexing your companion animal

There are lots of advantages to desexing your pets, apart from preventing the birth of unwanted animals.

  • Pregnancy is impossible
  • Eliminates “heat” cycles in females, which can be messy, difficult to manage, and unpleasant.
  • Desexed animals generally live longer, healthier, happier lives due to various health benefits, some of which are listed here
  • Desexed animals have reduced roaming activity to look for mates, with the consequent benefit that they are less likely to be hit by a car, be injured in other ways or come into contact with infectious disease
  • Desexed animals have less chance of developing certain kinds of cancers
  • Eliminates the chance of common uterine infections (in females)
  • Reduces fighting and aggressive behaviours which reduces risk of infectious disease spread by fighting
  • Eliminates problems and significant risks associated with pregnancy and birth
  • Prevents false pregnancies in females
  • Reduces dominance aggression and fighting between individual rabbits, thus making them easier to house together
  • Reduces unwanted animals being attracted to your property by females in heat
  • Reduces dog registration fees
  • Urine marking behaviour is reduced
  • Eliminates sexual frustration in companion animals
  • Reduces territorial scent marking in rabbits
  • Reduces territorial aggression towards owners in rabbits
  • Desexing saves lives
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