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Timon and Pumbaa

Timon and Pumbaa

Two mixed breed pigs arrived at SPCA after being seized by Inspectors when their original owners moved house and left them behind.

​Timon and Pumbaa may have been small in stature, at just 11kg and 13kg each, but they more than made up for their size in personality.

Despite making a mess of the grass, Timon and Pumbaa soon charmed the staff with their fun-loving nature.

“They were the best of friends and didn’t want to be separated. It was very cute. They were a lot of fun and would come up and greet the staff at the fence,” says animal attendant Aleesha.

While they’re not your traditional dog or cat, pigs can make very affectionate pets!

“They have huge personalities and are often compared to dogs because of their playful and intelligent nature. They are also easily trained. They do like to dig though, so you need to have the land and knowledge to take care of them,” says Aleesha.

Once Timon and Pumbaa were ready for adoption, their new owners reached out to us almost immediately and took home the pair as soon as they could. The new owners provided an oasis for the two pigs; they had plenty of land for the pigs to play around in and new playmates in the form of horses and a dog which they had previously adopted from SPCA.

“We’re thrilled they have found such a great home although they will be missed by all the team.”

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