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Ed was abandoned when his owners moved out of their property, leaving Ed hungry and alone in the living room.

​Thankfully, the landlord of the property called SPCA, and our SPCA Inspector Raj came to Ed’s aid.

Ed is a large vail tail comet goldfish, and the bare tank he was kept in was far too small for a fish of his size. He had no filter to keep his home clean or to maintain healthy water conditions, and there was nothing for him to hide in or swim around.

When he arrived in our care, Ed was showing severe signs of poor water conditions and serious infection on his tail and gills. But the biggest concern was a bacterial infection behind one of his eyes, which caused his right eye to be pushed out of the socket.

Luckily, our passionate SPCA fish loving staff members knew exactly what to do!

Ed was moved to an area where he could be monitored closely. His water was checked, he was provided with effective filtration and aeration, quality food and medication to treat his infections. He was also given some ornaments to make him feel safe.

After a few days, Ed started to feel better, and was becoming braver. He started to greet staff members in the morning begging for food!

With clean water, medication, and loving care, Ed’s infection was successfully treated. But unfortunately some of the damage would be permanent and Ed’s eye is unlikely to go back to what it was.

Just like the singer who he gets his name from (Ed Sheeran), Ed has a way with the ladies and stole the heart of a staff member who has a large pond with 10 other goldfish. This is the perfect home as Ed is too large for most home aquariums.

Ed is now so happy in his new home, with more space to swim than he has likely ever known, and lots of other goldfish friends to keep him company.

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