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Eddie had a scary start to life. He was dumped in a cardboard box with three other bunnies and left in the rain.

By the time someone found them, Eddie and his brothers were cold and soaking wet.

They were severely underweight, dehydrated and their fur was stained from urine. “When I met Eddie, it wasn’t his physical issues that upset me. It was that Eddie had never known what it felt like to get excited about fresh veggies or flop onto a soft bed and a big day of exploring,” says his new mum.

When Eddie first came home, he was very protective over his food and couldn’t relax because he was constantly alert. Eddie was scared, had no trust in people, and felt that every meal was always his last, explains his mum.

Eddie with his new bunny brothers Alfie and Otis.
Eddie with his new bunny brothers Alfie and Otis.

“Although Eddie will always have a scratch on his nose that reminds me of his past, he has since put on weight and now his coat in shiny. But most importantly, his spirits have lifted. Today Eddie loves to frolic around his bedroom, jump into bed at 6am to see if I’m awake and spends his days cuddling his new bunny brothers Alfie and Otis.

He loves his veggies, slurps hay up like a noodle and circles my feet for pellets. Then after all the fun, he flops on the ground and closes his eyes. Eddie doesn’t need to stay alert anyway – he knows he is safe.”

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