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Denver was left chained to an old wooden kennel in a back yard. She was alone, starving and absolutely terrified.

​The only thing she had for comfort was a torn and mouldy sleeping bag.

Thankfully, SPCA Inspector Andre turned up in time to save Denver.

He was horrified by what he saw. All she had to drink was filthy water and she hid away in fear under her kennel. Andre took Denver straight to SPCA and into the arms of our caring vets. Her skin was covered in painful sores and she had an oozing and nasty ear infection.

Denver then began the slow process of adjusting to a life she had never known before – one full of cuddles, walks and regular meals.

After three months of constant love and care, Denver is a different dog. She gained lots of weight and adored running around with other dogs in the off leash area.

Denver soon got the happy ending she deserved. Her new mum, Lisa, instantly fell in love after meeting her and she now lives a life of comfort and love. Denver is showered with affection every day, and always knows when her next meal is coming.

Lisa tell us, “Denver is just the biggest sweetheart. It took her a whole 5 minutes to settle into family life. She is still a bit amazed that she can stroll over for pats whenever she likes, even leaving breakfast in favour of cuddles”

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