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Other volunteer opportunities at SPCA

Other volunteer opportunities at SPCA

If you are looking to donate your time to help animals in need, we have the role for you. We can make use of almost every skill you might be able to offer.

Below are some examples of more unusual volunteer jobs available at SPCA. However, this is by no means a full list so browse our volunteer job ads or get directly in touch with your local centre. We look forward to finding out which skills you have on offer.

Event & Fundraising Volunteer

Throughout the year, our centres are involved in a number of events, from visits to community groups and schools to manning stands at community days and fairs. We are also always looking for volunteers who can help us look after our peer-to-peer fundraisers at sporting events such as marathons, and our annual Jump to the Rescue events.

Being an Event and Fundraising Volunteer is ideal for people who lead busy lives and are unable to commit to regular days, but still like to get involved in helping animals in need. If you have a friendly furry family member, they might be able to get involved, too.

View our current Event & Fundraising Volunteer opportunities

Administration volunteer

Administration volunteers are needed by some of our larger centres, usually for tasks such as basic administration support, calling supporters to update address details, printing, stuffing envelopes for mailouts, and helping us with odd tasks such as cleaning donation boxes – basically anything that our staff sometimes just don’t find the time to do.

Some of our centres also rely on Administration Volunteers to help with adoption or volunteer admin tasks.

View our current Administration Volunteer opportunities

Maintenance Volunteers & Gardeners

Just like your own home, our animal centres need to be kept in tip-top shape so our animals, staff, volunteers and visitors feel welcome. We need help with regular and odd jobs around the centre. This includes:

  • Gardening
  • Electrical work
  • Building and joining
  • Cleaning
  • Bricklaying
  • Painting and decorating

Everyone is welcome! If you have a skill or area of expertise you’d like to use to help animals in need, we’d love to hear from you.

View our current Maintenance Volunteer opportunities

Volunteer Driver

Are you mature, used to handling animals and confident dealing with people? Do you have a full driver’s license and some time to spare? If so, becoming a Volunteer Driver could be right for you.

Volunteer Drivers help with pick up and drop offs of donations from businesses and supermarkets, take animals to and from the vets or to other centres, take supplies to foster parents and support the work of the animal care team.

We also have the need for op shop truck drivers in some of our larger towns.

View our current Volunteer Driver opportunities

View our current Op Shop Driver opportunities

Photo & Video Volunteer

A picture is worth a thousand words – that is definitely true when it comes to SPCA animals waiting for adoption. If you would like to help us capture those soulful eyes, pointy ears or cute playfulness of our adoption animals, our centres up and down the country would love to hear from you. And if you like to take videos as well, even better!

Your photos would be used on the SPCA website, in adoption materials and on our social media channels. It is a great way to get experience photo or videographing wriggly animals, but you will also have a chance to capture life at the centre and all the wonderful volunteers, like you.

View our current Photo & Video Volunteer opportunities

Volunteer from home

If you would like to help the animals but prefer to help from home, there are lots of ways you can get involved. We are always in need of volunteers to help cut up sheets and blankets to clean cages with, and make enrichment toys for the animals in our care to make their stay with us more enjoyable. This can be done at home and the whole family can get involved. Some of our admin volunteer roles might also be suitable for you, as long as you have a good internet connection.

Check out how to make enrichment toys or become a Rag Fairy

Contact your local centre about other ways to volunteer from home

Volunteering for Kids

No matter how old you are, everyone can get involved in supporting animals. While volunteers have to be at least 16 years old to help at our centres or op shops (in some cases 18, due to Health & Safety), our SPCA Kids Portal has lots of fun ideas for enrichment toys to keep our animals entertained.

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Other volunteer opportunities

Would you prefer to work at one of our animal centres or op shops, or to foster animals for us? Check out the links below:

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