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Animal Centre Volunteer

Animal Centre Volunteer

If you like to work in a hands-on role and interact directly with animals, becoming an Animal Centre Volunteer might be for you.

Our centre volunteers help out in all areas around the centre, including working with the cats, dogs, small animals or farmed animals in our care.

What type of work would I do at the animal centre?

Animal Centre Volunteers clean, feed, medicate, walk and help us socialise our animals to get them ready for life as a much-loved pet. They also work in the adoption area(s) to help people coming to the centre to find the right pet for their family.

Animal care can be messy, so you will get your hands dirty and your clothes covered in fur. But we promise you will get a lot of animal cuddles and kisses in return.

Some of our larger centres offer more specialised roles in a specific area, such as the hospital, cat ward or dog adoption area. Animal Centre Volunteers in our smaller centres often get to do lots of different tasks and help with all types of pets.

What’s in it for me?

Volunteering at an Animal Centre is a great opportunity to learn about animal care if you are looking to work in the industry. Our trained staff will teach you how to safely handle animals, how to keep their enclosures clean to stop the spread of diseases, and how to treat them for minor illnesses and parasites.

Working in our adoption areas will teach you customer service skills and you will get lots of cuddles in the process.

How much time will I have to give?

Most of our centres will ask you to commit to a minimum number of days or hours each month. Before you can start, we will ask you to complete an induction programme to learn all the skills you need for the role. We do this to keep you and the animals you care for safe.

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