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Wills Month – Celebrating the lasting legacies of our people

01 September 2021
Wills Month – Celebrating the lasting legacies of our people

SPCA is very fortunate to have thousands of people across New Zealand making a difference for animals in need.

With very little Government funding, it is the generosity and dedication of animal lovers that keep SPCA operating.

September is Wills Month, and today, we want to highlight a very special group of people - our SPCA Giving Hearts members - a compassionate group of animal lovers whoare leaving a gift in their Will to SPCA.Their incredible and heartfelt generosity will have a lasting impact for generations to come and will ensure that SPCA will always be there to help New Zealand’s vulnerable animals when they need it.

We want to introduce two of our dedicated supporters and Giving Hearts members, taking a look at why they do what they do for the animals, and the positive impact they have.

Introducing Peter Reimann

Every Monday morning for the past twelve years, Peter Reimann has helped in SPCA’s feline area. He can always be found wearing his blue SPCA volunteer shirt, caring for and feeding cats in SPCA’s care.

Peter is an avid supporter of SPCA and has contributed significantly to animal welfare over the years. He not only volunteers weekly but also maintains his local SPCA Centre’s gardens and contributes financially on a regular basis.

On top of that, Peter is also one of the very special SPCA supporters who has chosen to leave a gift to SPCA in his Will.

Animals have always been a huge part of Peter’s life. His love for animals is what inspired him to become a Giving Hearts member. "I’ve had childhood guinea pigs, birds and a dog. I owned various dogs and cats and I also did four years of sheep farming (with hens, a house-cow and calf-rearing). During lambing time, I discovered that even sheep have personalities,” he laughs.

His favourite part of supporting SPCA is interacting with the people and the animals. As a Giving Hearts member, Peter wants to continue helping the thousands of animals that need SPCA each year in a multitude of ways.

“I want my legacy to go towards the ongoing support and care for deprived, sick and ill-treated animals. To ongoing education, publicity and training. The reduction of abandoned animals, and the ongoing funding for animal rescues. As well as prosecutions and advocacy.”

Peter has not only left an immeasurable impact on SPCA, but SPCA has also left a lasting impact on him. In particular, the two cats he adopted – Cassie and Hettie.

“Hettie came to me as a young cat who gave her foster parents a hard time. It has been very rewarding to develop a strong friendship with her over five years. She is now an occasional lap-cat and is always up for a brushing. She 'calls the shots' around here.”

When Peter finishes his volunteer shifts, he ensures the cats are all fed, their litter trays clean, and they’ve had plenty of cuddles and attention. As he goes to walk out the door, our team say thank you. Not just for his shift but for everything he's has contributed to SPCA and will continue to contribute for many years to come. We cannot thank Peter enough for choosing to support SPCA as a Giving Hearts member, and for helping the animals in so many ways.

Peter with SPCA kitten Lightning
Peter with SPCA kitten Lightning

Introducing Julia Payne

At the peak of kitten season, you can find Julia carefully tending to a litter of orphaned newborn kittens. She bottle-feeds them every few hours, ensuring their bellies are full, and that they’re warm and safe.

SPCA has played a big part in Julia’s life. She’s been an active supporter for over 16 years, and in that time, has made a significant difference to the lives of hundreds of animals.

Not only has she worked for SPCA in the past, but Julia has also fostered over 300 newborn kittens, enduring many sleepless nights to care for them. She volunteers each week at her local SPCA in the Centre’s feline area, and you can also find her volunteering at her local SPCA Op Shop.

Julia is kindly leaving a legacy to SPCA in her Will, so she can continue to advance animal welfare in New Zealand for many years to come.

Caring for others has always been Julia’s calling, and it was no different when it came to our furry friends. “After forty years working in a hospital’s paediatric and neonatal department caring for babies, I wanted to help animals too. It was always animals or babies for me,” she says.

Countless animals have gone on to lead happy and healthy lives thanks to Julia. But there was one animal she couldn’t bear to part with – her canine companion, Toby. By being a Giving Hearts member, Julia has peace of mind that SPCA will care for Toby after she is gone, or if her situation ever changes.

“I didn’t intend to have a dog. But one day, when I was still working at SPCA, I was coming down the stairs when Toby had just come through the doors. He leapt into my arms and I knew that it was fate.”

“He’s the main man in my life. I know that if something ever happened to me, SPCA would be there to look after him.”

Every legacy counts, no matter how big or small. After fostering so many animals for SPCA, Julia wants her legacy to go towards her local SPCA Centre’s foster programme.

“The costs of foster equipment can quickly add up - the milk powder, scales, heat pads, blankets. I want my legacy to support our foster programme and help foster animals out in the community.”

It may not be kitten season now, but there is no doubt we will see Julia back at the Centre soon to pick up her first litter of newborn kittens for the season. The contributions she has made to SPCA are immeasurable. We cannot thank her enough for choosing to support SPCA as a Giving Hearts member, and for everything she’s done for the animals.

Julia and her canine companion Toby
Julia and her canine companion Toby

Leaving a legacy to SPCA

September is Wills Month. Leaving a gift to SPCA is a fitting way to celebrate the unconditional love and companionship animals have brought to you during your lifetime. By doing so, you will have a lasting impact on animals in need and help to ensure that SPCA will always be there to help vulnerable animals.

If you decide to remember us in your Will, we would be grateful if you could let us know. Then we can thank you for your kindness and welcome you into our Giving Hearts programme. To find out more about our Giving Hearts programme and how you can leave a lasting legacy like Peter and Julia, click here.

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