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SPCA commends The Warehouse for its decision to stop selling fireworks

24 May 2021
SPCA commends The Warehouse for its decision to stop selling fireworks

SPCA is thrilled with the news that The Warehouse will stop selling fireworks in its stores, following concerns about their use by the general public.

New Zealand’s largest animal welfare charity has long campaigned for a ban on the private sale and use of fireworks, due to the unnecessary distress and harm they can cause to pets, farmed animals and wildlife.

Each year SPCA receives dozens of calls relating to fireworks, including animal injuries, frightened animals, missing pets and, occasionally, horrific abuse of animals.

SPCA Chief Executive Andrea Midgen says The Warehouse’s decision to stop selling fireworks shows the retail giant is listening to its customers and a vast majority of New Zealanders, who want to see fireworks banned for private sale and use.

“The Warehouse has done the right thing by banning the sale of fireworks and I commend the company’s leadership for taking a strong stance on this issue,” says Ms Midgen.

“Fireworks can have a devastating impact on animals through the stress they can cause. The loud noises and bright flashes can be incredibly frightening, leading to animals running away, injuring themselves and even running into traffic.”

SPCA advocates for fireworks to be banned for private sale and use. The organisation engages regularly with local councils and government on this topic and, in 2019, the charity presented its case directly to a Parliamentary Select Committee.

“It is our hope that until local councils and Government take a stronger stance on this issue, other retailers will show responsibility and stop selling fireworks to the public,” says Ms Midgen.

“The harm caused to animals each year is completely avoidable, and it’s great to see a retailer as large as The Warehouse taking this step.”

SPCA supports the use of fireworks in controlled and notified public displays for special occasions, and encourages people to enjoy these displays rather than letting off their own fireworks at home. This limits the number of days animals are exposed to these stressors and allows pet owners, zoos and farmers to make preparations to manage the stress and keep their animals safe.

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