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New donation bins provide emergency relief for animals in need

04 October 2018
New donation bins provide emergency relief for animals in need

​Countdown supermarkets nationwide are encouraging customers to donate much-needed pet food to a new SPCA Community Pet Pantry initiative, which will help SPCA feed animals in need.

The designated SPCA Community Pet Pantry collection bins are located near the front of Countdown stores, and welcome donations of pet food tins, pouches and dried food. Donations are then collected by the local SPCA and given to inspectors to distribute where it is needed most.

SPCA inspectors will use these pet food donations to help with their work in the community, such as responding to animal welfare emergencies, natural disasters, or helping keep pets with their owners during times of unexpected financial hardship.

SPCA CEO, Andrea Midgen says every day SPCA comes across situations where pets are going hungry and is often called on during times of extreme stress for families.

“Animal owners make a lifelong commitment when they adopt an animal so the thought of not being able to feed their family pet adequately is hugely stressful,” says Ms Midgen.

“SPCA Community Pet Pantry donations will be used for our inspectors’ work in the community, will be gratefully received by SPCA foster families who give a temporary home for sick and injured animals, and will provide support for pets impacted by natural disasters.”

Countdown’s General Manager Corporate Affairs and Sustainability, Kiri Hannifin, says the partnership with SPCA to provide Community Pet Pantry donations is just one way the company can help Kiwis to support animals in need.

“We know that our customers care a lot about their fellow Kiwis and that includes pets as an integral part of our families. A simple tin or packet of cat biscuits when you’re at the supermarket is an easy way to help keep animals fed, happy and healthy when they most need it.”

For more information on the Community Pet Pantry, visit our Donate Goods page!

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