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New mobile desexing vehicle on the way

28 April 2023

Thanks to our extremely generous donors, we’ve been working on a new purpose-built mobile desexing vehicle to replace our much-loved SPCA Desexing Caravan.

New mobile desexing vehicle on the way

Many members of the public are familiar with our SPCA Desexing Caravan, which has travelled far and wide to provide much-needed desexing services to rural locations around the country.

The Caravan had completed thousands of desexing surgeries over her career, bringing desexing to isolated communities who struggle to access vet care for their pets due to accessibility and cost.

Sadly, the Caravan was recently decommissioned due to significant mechanical issues – but thanks to our very generous donors, a new desexing vehicle has been in the works since mid-2021.

Due to various supply chain delays, the new vehicle has taken longer than originally anticipated to complete. But with the exterior now finished and the end in sight, we hope to have the new desexing vehicle ready to hit the road in the coming months.

“We’re thrilled to have a new desexing vehicle in the works, and know that this will make a huge difference to the isolated communities that we’ll be able to visit,” said Rebecca Dobson, National Desexing Programme Manager.

The new vehicle is purpose-built to provide desexing services to both cats and dogs, and is a vast improvement on the facilities of the much older Caravan.

Mobile desexing plays an important part in our two-year desexing campaign, aiming to prevent more than 100,000 unwanted animals being born over the two-year period.

“The Caravan had served us well, but this new vehicle will allow us continue this critical work in bringing down the rates of unwanted litters, especially in rural locations,” Ms Dobson said.

Further updates about the launch of the new desexing vehicle will be made in the coming months.

The new mobile desexing vehicle will be spacious, updated and well-equipped.
The new mobile desexing vehicle will be spacious, updated and well-equipped.
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