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Hudson – the little kitten that could

03 August 2018
Hudson – the little kitten that could

Here at the SPCA we have dozens of animals come through our doors each day. Our ‘before and after’ stories share the tales of animals who have come into our care, often fighting for their lives, and made a miraculous recovery. This is Hudson’s story.

When SPCA staff met little Hudson, they were shocked. He was absolutely tiny, in a poor state and his fur was crawling with hundreds of fleas. At only a few weeks old, he should have been cuddling up with his mother. Instead, Hudson and his three siblings were fighting for their lives. Luckily, the four kittens were brought to the SPCA in the nick of time. They were fed, bathed and nursed back to health by our dedicated team. With some round-the-clock care, all four grew into happy and healthy kittens with bright eyes and fluffy coats. It wasn’t long before they were ready to find a home. It’s no surprise that all four lovely kittens were quickly adopted by devoted families.

A new home

Hudson found his forever home with a kind woman named Alana who lives in rural Canterbury. “I adopted two SPCA rescue kittens 17 years ago. They were loving, loyal cats and true friends to our two young children growing up. Once again, our love for cats took me back to the SPCA and there I found Hudson,” says Alana.

Alana was after a social and playful kitten, and Hudson fit the bill perfectly. “It’s hard to just choose one kitten when they’re all so cute, but there’s always that one that takes your eye. Hudson was very playful and not fazed I was there. He looked very happy and content and loved a cuddle.” Alana took Hudson home where he fitted in perfectly. Hudson now spends his days on a farm with his canine brother and sister for company. “Hudson loves to climb trees, help me in the garden, and chase anything that moves. But his number one love is playing with Stan and Willow, the dogs,” says Alana. “Hudson’s full of energy, funny and so adorable – we all love him to bits.

Wherever we are, he’s following right behind us as he doesn’t like to miss out.” In fact, Hudson likes to be involved so much he even joins his siblings on a walk down the drive the odd morning, trotting alongside them for 1.5 km! Hudson now lives a blissful life, full of love and joy. And while he did not have the easiest start to life, his new mum says that now Hudson has no fear in the world.

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