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Meet Gino, the dog who defied the odds.

01 September 2020
Meet Gino, the dog who defied the odds.

Here at SPCA, we have dozens of animals come through our doors every day. Some of these animals may have been neglected and left in pain and fighting for their lives, but with love and care, go on to make a miraculous recovery. This is Gino’s story.

Head bowed, tail between his legs, Gino wandered along the road alone. He had no home, no one to help him, and was left in pain, fending for himself on the streets.

When SPCA inspectors found Gino, it was clear to see he was in significant discomfort. Gino's body was covered in such a severe case of mangethat his legs and face were swollen, red and raw. It was one of the worst cases of mange they had ever seen.

Gino was rushed into SPCA’s care at our Taupo Centre so he could receive the love and care he desperately needed. When he walked through SPCA’s doors, staff were shocked at the state he was in.

“His legs were so swollen, infected and inflamed, and he was absolutely miserable. Because his mange was so bad and untreated for so long, Gino developed secondary skin issues,” SPCA Taupo Centre Manager Bernice Curel says.

The severity of Gino’s skin condition was causing him to suffer both mentally and physically. He needed urgent treatment.

Road to recovery

Gino was immediately seen by a veterinarian and in the first week in SPCA’s care, he was given regularantibacterial baths to help his skin heal.

He was also placed on a course of daily medication and antibiotics to help reduce the pain and swelling.

SPCA animal attendants Jen and Toni worked hard to nurse Gino back to health not just physically, but mentally too. They dedicated many hours to teaching Gino to love and trust again, and to teach him not to fear the world.

“Jen and Toni spent time with Gino encouraging him to play, socialise and learn basic commands,” Bernice says.

“With some great vet care and ongoing care from our staff at the Centre Gino made incredible improvements and came such a long way from his traumatic start in life. “

A happy ever after for a deserving dog

After two months of extensive rehabilitation and care, Gino made a complete transformation. His skin had completely healed, with almost no signs of the serious condition that riddled his skin just weeks earlier.

“Gino is now a playful, loving, funny character who loves to chase sticks and balls, meet new people, dogs and just hang out. We are so proud of Gino and the handsome, loving boy he is,” says Bernice

After receiving the all clear to be made available for adoption, it didn’t take long for Gino to find his new family. His new parents, Delwyn and Ron, say he is thriving with them at home.

“Gino is very energetic - we go on walks once or twice a day and spend a lot of time playing ball,” Delwyn and Ron say.

“He has been very well mannered in public and one gentleman walking his dog always stops and gives Gino a treat as we pass. Gino follows each of us around the house whenever we move from room to room. He is eager to know whatever is going on.”

“It has enriched our lives having Gino here and we look forward to many years together.”

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